is an individual and collective conceptual artist based worldwide but currently soul-situated at the mast-point of Ales Stenar on the Kåseberga ridge in Scania. The obfuscation of Køvvånng’s identity for this Cipher provides an effective counterpoint to the artists’ own practice by reducing Køvvånng’s individualism to an archetype.

Amnesia Wars

is a collective of performing artists from an amazing array of backgrounds, including veterans of The Wooster Group, Pilobolus Dance, Queen of the Night, Fuerza Bruta, Bombay Rickey, Anti-Social Music, The New York Shakespeare Exchange, L’Opera Burlesque, The Second City, The Improv Olympic, Miranda, Yahweh’s Follies, Keanu Reeves Saves the Universe, and the world of performance art.

The Ciphered Bridges Company:

Drew Fleming

Cornelia Hanes
Rob Reese
Kamala Sankaram
Matt Schloss
Nikolai Solonski
Rodney Umble
Laura Valpey
Petrea Whittier

Dance Consultants:
Christopher Grant
Lauren Yalango

Costuming Consultant:
Katherine Mincer

Art Consultants:
Amelia Modlin
Anduin Havens

[Detailed bios coming soon]