Hudson Bridges
May 2016

Bridging the divides between theater, music, and dance.
Saturday May 14, 3pm
Saturday May 21, 3pm
Sunday May 22, 6pm
The Room” at New Georges, 520 8th Ave @36th St

The Hudson Bridges Performance Project is proud to announce this stellar roster:
Dean Beckwith (Movement, Scenic)
Anna Beyer (Movement, Scenic)
Shane Breaux (Scenic)
Eric Brenner (Music)
Kacey Cardin (Movement, Music)
Jason Evans (Production)
Drew Fleming (Music, Scenic)
Christopher Grant (Movement, Scenic)
Cornelia Hanes (Scenic, Translations)
Jeff Hudgins (Music)
Elena Levenson (Scenic, Translations)
Patrick McCartney (Scenic)
Clement Mensah (Movement)
Julia Motyka (Scenic)
Pat Muchmore (Music)
Emily Palmquist (Movement, Scenic)
Rob Reese (Production)
Suzu Sakai (Production)
Kamala Sankaram (Music, Scenic)
Matt Schloss (Music)
Nikolai Solonski (Scenic, Translations)
Rodney Umble (Scenic)
Laura Valpey (Scenic, Movementc)
Julia Watt (Movement, Scenic)
Lauren Yalango Grant (Movement, Scenic)

On each of the three workshop mornings, approximately half of the above roster will come together to share exercises, techniques, and styles. The company devises a structure interweaving scenework, dance, live music, and production elements (lighting, video, etc.). The resulting matinee performance is a surprising, visceral, mostly-improvised afternoon of ephemeral fun!