Cumberland Bridges
Nashville, TN
August 2015

From The Nashville Scene:

“Nashville’s improv scene has heated up in the past few years. Established veteran companies such as Music City Improv and Nashville Improv Comedy have been joined by ambitious upstart LOLNashville to form a solid triumvirate of committed ensembles offering regularly scheduled monthly shows at different venues on both sides of the Cumberland.

LOLNashville’s Aug. 28 gig at The Basement offered Exhibit A of Music City’s growing love affair with the art form, with two shows filling the popular venue, including a sold-out 10 p.m. late show that was riveting — and a little rowdy.

This weekend, performers from all three companies will gather in East Nashville for a unique, hilarious scriptless theater event conceived to bridge the various divides — both real and imagined — between improvisation and theater, as well as those between different troupes in the same city.

Using techniques from conventional improvisation, dance and experimental theater, veteran New York–based director Rob Reese supervises this collaboration, which “flash-devises” an immediate piece of comedy theater that will surprise and entertain even the most jaded of improv audiences.

Performers include Elizabeth Banks, Scott Field, Ed Garcia, Heather Connelly Lefkowitz, Jill Mothershed, Stuart Robinson and conceiver-director Reese himself. Music City Improv’s Field produces.