Ciphered Bridges
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[See a 15 minute ‘highlight’ reel of Ciphered Bridges:]

In an appropriately bizarre sequence of ridiculous events and profound Scandinavian turmoil, Amnesia Wars Director Rob Reese has communed with the famous (though obfuscated) conceptual artist Køvvånng.
Through a series of Dionysian evenings any true viking would envy, Køvvånng unpacked to Reese the new experimental form: Cipher Art, in which the artist’s prompts are decoded, interpreted and executed by a team of performers who receive the Prime Artist’s prompts at the top of the performance.

[See a short tour of Køvvånng’s art exhibit:]

Reese had recently been guiding the Amnesia Wars performance company through The Bridges Performance Projects: experiments in combining elements of improvisational dance, music and theater.
The necessity for this collaboration was obvious.
Ciphered Bridges was born!

[See Køvvånng’s dictates distributed:]

Over three evenings a the Idio Gallery the Amnesia Wars company executed three distinct time-based performance pieces based on the immediate prompts of the artist Køvvånng.
The resulting piece is part art installation, part modern music-dance concert, part avant-prov comedy.
The audience is encouraged to relax and not try to make too much sense out of any of it.

Forget what you thought you knew.
Thus dictates Køvvånng